7 sentences with 'thick'

Example sentences and phrases with the word thick and other words derived from it.

« She was wearing thick gloves, as the outdoor temperature was minus 13 degrees Celsius. »
« Two thick steel beams, already cut to size by the Belleview volunteer, were carried up the mountain. »
« Once again the thick bags under the boulder began to inflate. »
« In the photo, Titov, a short, thick man, is gesticulating and gesturing; Treholt walks beside him, with a boyish smile, as if he were extremely proud to be in the company of a great man. »
« In this disease thick mucus clogs the bronchi, the lungs are constantly infected and the sweat glands produce four times the normal amount of salt. »
« There was no road: we were galloping down a slight slope covered with such thick bushes that I thought that if I fell, I would not touch the ground. »
« With a ball of dough I make a disk one centimeter thick and then roll it out with my fingers until it is 25 centimeters in diameter. »

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