9 sentences with 'thin'

Example sentences and phrases with the word thin and other words derived from it.

« In the second, thin tubes were inserted into the prostate, through which tiny radioactive "seeds" were implanted to destroy the tumor. »
« He called his car a quadricycle, which had tall, thin bicycle wheels and a frame that was barely visible. »
« "A thin swirl of blue smoke appeared at the rear of the machine" (Winton's), reported the Tribune, Detroit, "and gradually thickened into a cloud." »
« People often tell me: "You're so lucky to be thin. It must be wonderful to eat whatever you feel like eating." »
« I admit that, like many thin people, I am blessed with a fast metabolism, which is an advantage in the battle against fatness. »
« However, the reason almost all of us thin women hold the line is not luck or genes. »
« -Go on, eat something," Gendun said to Lobsang. You have to get well so we can make it. Lobsang, who was tall and thin, hugged the smaller Gendun without replying. »
« Then we lose sight of the thin conveyor belt of brown ore, which enters an adjoining building where x-ray machines will extract the diamonds. »
« Roberts knew immediately that it was the stolen painting "The Scream". The paint and the thin cardboard base were intact, and there was wax residue on one of the bottom corners. »

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