6 sentences with 'thighs'

Example sentences and phrases with the word thighs and other words derived from it.

« My horse was making its way through the thicket making small adjustments that I felt in my thighs. »
« Leg push-ups (for the front of the thighs and buttocks): »
« Leg lifts (for the back of the thighs and buttocks): Kneel on a towel and lean forward until your elbows are on the floor. »
« The doctor's technique involved transplanting muscles from the patient's thighs to specific places on the face where they would allow the most natural expression possible. »
« -Your wife's thighs are not a coronary risk; her abdomen is," Stamford explained. »
« Others believe that their excess weight is concentrated in their hips or thighs, and are surprised to learn that they carry most of their fat around their waist. »
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