6 sentences with 'thicket'

Example sentences and phrases with the word thicket and other words derived from it.

« In order to hunt them in the thicket, the leopard also had to change, and so he decided to cover himself with spots. »
« My horse was making its way through the thicket making small adjustments that I felt in my thighs. »
« Ten metres away, in the forest thicket, eyes peered into the camp. »
« The thicket would have deterred squirrels, while the willows would have attracted birds. »
« Then, hidden deep in the thicket, the seed had to fight for its space from the moment it sprouted its first leaf; and before it had reached six inches in height, it had already begun to search eagerly for the vital energy that only the sun could give it. »
« Undaunted, the maple, already 90 centimetres long but only 30 centimetres high, turned east towards the edge of the thicket, which was a metre and a half away. »

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