8 sentences with 'universities'

Example sentences and phrases with the word universities and other words derived from it.

« As I was invited once a month to lecture at other universities, I saw the smoke literally rise from the country's urban ghettos. More than once I returned from a university where students had been dispersed with tear gas to find my own university in full strike mode or cordoned off by police in gas masks. »
« The new rigour of education and the expansion of cathedral schools, helped in part by the popularity of figures such as Peter Abelard, led in turn to the emergence of the first true universities. Initially, they were comparable to craft guilds, with organisations of students and teachers negotiating the cost of tuition and preventing unauthorised teachers from poaching students. »
« Medieval universities created a number of practices that survive to this day in higher education. »
« Medieval universities developed a curriculum, established graduation requirements and examinations, and awarded degrees. »
« Between the 15th and 17th centuries a number of intellectuals in universities, churches and aristocratic courts and salons wrote numerous essays and books questioning whether women were naturally immoral, weak and foolish or whether, on the contrary, education and environment could lead to intelligence and morality comparable to that of men. »
« One social phenomenon that definitely benefited from the Protestant and Catholic reforms was literacy. More schools and universities, both church-supported and private, continued to spring up throughout the sixteenth century. »
« Also, only states had the resources to reform entire institutions, replacing seminaries, universities, libraries, etc. with new material in the case of Protestant states. This required an even closer relationship between church and state. »
« In general, women gained the right to enter universities in the early 20th century, and the first female academics gained teaching positions soon after. »
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