6 sentences with 'universe'

Example sentences and phrases with the word universe and other words derived from it.

« According to the ancient Chinese philosophers, man is a small copy of the universe. »
« In the peoples of Indonesia - who were not converted to either Hinduism or Islam - it is believed that there is a universe of spirit creatures in which souls are remembered and remember life. »
« For them, magic and science were all aspects of the same quest, namely, trying to learn how the universe worked so that humans could influence it more effectively. »
« The central theme among the great epic stories of Egyptian religion was that there was some order and harmony in the universe that the gods had created, but which was threatened by the forces of destruction and chaos. »
« Unlike earlier thinkers, Greek scientists sought to understand the workings of the universe on its own terms, not merely giving the details to the will of the gods. »
« These mystery religions shared the belief that the universe was full of magical enchantments that could lead to spiritual salvation or eternal life itself. In many ways, they were more like magical cults than traditional religions. »
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