5 sentences with 'universalism'

Example sentences and phrases with the word universalism and other words derived from it.

« The most radical aspect of Christianity was its universalism. From Judaism, it inherited the idea that all human beings are spiritually equal. »
« Also, the practical issues of linguistic and cultural differences undermined the universalism ("catholicism") of the Christian Church. These differences and the diversity of beliefs would only grow over time. »
« The Abbasids abandoned Arab-centric policies and instead adopted Muslim universalism that allowed any Muslim the possibility of attaining the highest state offices and political and social importance. »
« Her work was almost unprecedented in its egalitarian vision, anticipating ideas of human universalism that only came of age in the 19th century, and only became dominant views in the 20th century. »
« It also directly inspired a growing sense of nationalism, not least because the Napoleonic Empire was so distinctly French despite its pretensions to universalism. »
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