6 sentences with 'limits'

Example sentences and phrases with the word limits and other words derived from it.

« The king could, in theory, requisition anything, mobilise anyone and generally exercise total control, although practical limits were respected by the administration. »
« However, even the most powerful and assertive popes had to be realistic about the limits of their power, and many popes were deposed or even assassinated in the midst of political turmoil. »
« Once awakened, my curiosity found no limits. »
« According to experts, it is better to let children experiment, within reasonable limits. »
« In cases of extreme survival it is necessary to keep the required blood glucose level within normal limits, to use fatty tissue as an energy reserve and not to consume body proteins. All three conditions are met when eating plants containing sugars. »
« Not only is no human being immune to his environment, but his organism is adapted to a small temperature range and belongs by nature to the intertropical regions. This is why there are meteorological danger limits based on the conjunction of the following variables: the combination of 45° and 10% relative humidity, 35° and 40%, 30° and 60% and up to 27° and 100% are the humidity limits, beyond which a series of disorders such as prostration, heat stroke and death can occur. »

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