6 sentences with 'limit'

Example sentences and phrases with the word limit and other words derived from it.

« Going 55 kilometers per hour in an area where the limit was 40, Tharakan saw a patrol car approaching from behind and slowed down. »
« So Tiberius Gracchus managed to pass a bill through the Centenary Assembly that would limit the amount of land a single man could own, distributing the excess to the poor. The Senate was horrified and fought bitterly to reverse the bill. »
« Centre-right parties from Italy to Germany and from France to Britain correspond to the Thatcher-like neo-conservative model, which embraces the free market and seeks to limit the scope of the welfare state (although none of these parties advocates getting rid of the welfare state altogether; generations of Europeans, including people who vote for centre-right parties, expect free health care, education and social benefits). »
« -Didn't he tell me he had received some extra money? -And it's true," he replied, "I had my credit card limit extended. »
« You don't need to starve yourself for a diet. However, to get rid of belly fat, you have to limit your calorie intake. »
« my son suffered from colic well past the time limit set by child-rearing experts. »
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