6 sentences with 'limiting'

Example sentences and phrases with the word limiting and other words derived from it.

« That same rule of limiting sex to two people only, also applies to imagination and pornography. »
« An important political breakthrough came around 350 BC, when the Romans enacted a law limiting the amount of land that could be given to a single citizen after a victory, ensuring a more equitable distribution of land to plebeian soldiers. »
« In turn, this meant that only relatively soft soil could be cultivated, limiting the amount of land that could be made arable. »
« Two years later, a nationalist poet murdered a conservative, and the Austrian Empire passed laws severely limiting freedom of speech, specifically to contain and restrict the spread of nationalism. »
« Currently, scientists recommend, in addition to limiting meat and fat intake, eating more fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. »
« For this reason, specialists recommend limiting exposure to as little time as possible, and never to stand less than 90 centimetres from the screen. »

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