5 sentences with 'engaging'

Example sentences and phrases with the word engaging and other words derived from it.

« Roman auxiliaries tended to serve as scouts and support for the legions, as well as engaging in combat in their own right. »
« Even after the Napoleonic Wars, when noble titles could no longer be forfeited for engaging in trade, banking or factory ownership, there remained a deep scepticism and arrogance among continental nobles about the new industries. »
« Rasputin moved in with the Tsar's family and quickly became a powerful influence, despite being the son of Siberian peasants, and despite the fact that part of his philosophy was that one was closer to God after engaging in sexual orgies and other forms of debauchery. »
« Soon, the entire Latin Quarter of Paris was taken over by thousands of radical students (many of whom came from outside Paris to join the protest), papering buildings with posters calling for revolution and engaging in street battles with riot police. »
« But with rare exceptions, whenever US diplomats raised the issue of the transfer of dangerous technology to Iraq with Germans, Bonn reacted as if the Americans were trying to prevent Germany from engaging in international trade. »

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