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Example sentences and phrases with the word engage and other words derived from it.

« Unlike the Epicureans, the Stoics believed that humans had an obligation to engage in politics, which was part of a grand divine plan, something linked to both fate and nature. »
« Persian forces refused to engage in hand-to-hand combat with Roman soldiers whenever possible and instead simply rained arrows on them from horseback (using composite bows capable of penetrating Roman armour). »
« Another group that benefited was women. For about a century after the plague, women had more legal rights in terms of property, the right to engage in trade, and land ownership, than they had enjoyed before the outbreak of the plague. »
« Enterprising merchants who managed to position themselves somewhere along the Indian Ocean trade routes or the famous Silk Road between Europe and China could make a fortune, but the distances involved were so vast that it was very difficult and dangerous to engage in mercantile ventures. »
« Instead, there was a huge growth in political debate in the form of printed pamphlets; over 2,000 political pamphlets were published in 1642 alone. Ordinary people had begun to engage in political dialogue in earnest, another pattern associated with modern politics. »
« In many continental kingdoms, members of the nobility were forbidden to actively engage in trade until the period of the French Revolution. »

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