6 sentences with 'engagements'

Example sentences and phrases with the word engagements and other words derived from it.

« Although the Spanish and Portuguese won some notable military engagements, due in large part to their use of horses, gunpowder and steel, their real military advantage lay in germ warfare, something they certainly did not anticipate unleashing upon their arrival. »
« Secondly, military engagements took place in the Ottoman territories of the Middle East, in Africa between European colonial armies, and in Asia (albeit on a much smaller scale). »
« Two major naval engagements in the Pacific spelled disaster for Japan. In May 1942, at the Battle of the Coral Sea, American forces defeated a Japanese invasion force targeting Australia and pushed back the Japanese fleet. »
« -No," I exclaimed as soon as he hung up. I had too many engagements that summer. It's impossible for us to get married before Christmas. »
« Three of the major engagements in the Northern War were fought at Puketutu, Ohaeawai and Ruapekapeka. »
« Further engagements were fought at Puketekauere, Mahoetahi, No 3 Redoubt and Te Arei. »

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