6 sentences with 'heads'

Example sentences and phrases with the word heads and other words derived from it.

« Convinced of his own divinity, Caligula had the heads of statues of the gods removed and replaced with his own head. »
« The bishops were the heads of the congregations in each city, overseeing a team of priests and deacons who interacted with the daily worshippers and led the services. »
« The Bourbons' greatest rivals during most of that period were the Habsburg royal line, who held the Austrian Empire, were the nominal heads of the Holy Roman Empire, and by the 16th century also had control of Spain and its huge colonial empire. »
« The Japanese state was organised along very authoritarian lines, with the symbolic importance of the emperor retained, but practical power held by the cabinet and the heads of the armed forces. »
« A desperate diplomatic struggle ensued as diplomats, parliamentarians and heads of state tried at the last minute to preserve the peace, but in the end it was too late: on 28 July, Austria declared war on Serbia, activating the pre-existing system of alliances, and by 4 August all the great powers were involved. »
« On board the plane, purser Heward watched the treetops pass by and ordered over the microphone, "Passengers, get ready! Get ready! Keep your heads down below seat level!" »
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