9 sentences with 'head'

Example sentences and phrases with the word head and other words derived from it.

« -Pat Walsh," said the intern, nodding his head, "He's an excellent surgeon! »
« In the German weekly Der Spiegel, Werner Steuber, head of the German-Swiss Association of Overseas Property Owners, called the project a "typical case of real estate criminality". »
« Then they lifted the child's head and placed it on a support that would hold it firmly in place during the operation. »
« -Well," said the doctor as he looked at the opening in the patient's head. Let's see what's in here. »
« He walked with his head tilted to the left, and with his shoulder on the same side slightly raised. »
« He limped and had his head down. »
« But when Dorothy called him, he raised his head, pricked up his ears and began to tremble with obvious excitement. »
« The horror came to a head one night when eight teenagers (three of whom were on probation) beat, raped and stabbed to death Kimberley Rae Harbor, a young mother. »
« Naturalist John Burroughs observed: "Mr. Ford's heart is bigger than his head. Now it is possible that he may try to hasten the coming of spring, to hasten the signing of the peace as well." »
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