6 sentences with 'headquarters'

Example sentences and phrases with the word headquarters and other words derived from it.

« And he didn't do it from the company's headquarters. »
« Spain was determined to become the headquarters of the European Environmental Agency, which was to be established, and the local elections put Andalusia in the public eye. »
« I go to the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross, whose mission is to support prisoners of war. »
« The police took Tharakan to Corvallis police headquarters. »
« Many of the original members came from the ranks of the Lancashire textile workers before the group moved its headquarters to London in 1906. »
« The following year he visited the association's headquarters in Illinois, where he was offered to pay for the travel and expenses of all doctors affiliated with the club who wanted to serve in the Third World. Rotarians in the southern district of Sweden donated ten kroner each, raising 50,000 kroner for the organisation's administrative costs. It was a good start! »
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