6 sentences with 'headed'

Example sentences and phrases with the word headed and other words derived from it.

« Seville-based Costa Doñana S.A., which owned the land, was headed by Salvador Echeverría, a contractor who in 1979 was charged with fraud. »
« The two then headed back to Santiago village along a winding road of sharp rocks and deep ruts formed by the rains. »
« The dog ran for another 100 metres and then headed for the pond, splashed in the water and made a thousand drops sparkle like pearls when illuminated by the sun's rays. »
« Cyrus II then headed south and conquered the city-states and kingdoms of Mesopotamia, culminating in the conquest of Babylon in 539 BC. »
« Alexander the Great headed east again with his armies, defeating the tribesmen of present-day Afghanistan and then fighting a huge battle against the forces of the Indian king Porus in the northern Indus River valley in 327 BC. »
« Venice was ruled by a council of merchants headed by an elected official, the Doge. »
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