10 sentences with 'generals'

Example sentences and phrases with the word generals and other words derived from it.

« When Alexander the Great died, his empire crumbled, partly because he did not say which of his generals would take over after his death. »
« The assembly also voted every year to appoint ten generals, who were in charge of both the armed forces and foreign affairs. »
« Of all his ideas, this concept of a philosopher-king was one of the most influential; various kings, emperors and generals influenced by Greek philosophy would attempt to model their rule on Plato's concepts until the modern era. »
« His leading generals quarrelled and eventually divided Alexander the Great's empire among themselves, founding several new dynasties in the process. »
« Because he did not name an heir, Alexander the Great all but guaranteed that his empire would collapse when his generals turned on each other. »
« In fact, a year after Alexander the Great's death the empire descended into civil war, and it took until 280 BC for the fighting to cease and for three great kingdoms to be established, founded by the generals Antigonus, Ptolemy and Seleucus. »
« The problem for the Republic was that, although Lucius Cornelius Sulla eventually proved that he was loyal to republican institutions, other generals might not be so in the future. Sila could simply have remained in power indefinitely thanks to the personal loyalty of his troops. »
« Pompey was one of the greatest Roman generals, and soon left to eliminate piracy in the Mediterranean, conquer the Jewish kingdom of Judea and crush an ongoing revolt in Anatolia. »
« After Nero's death, a brief civil war broke out. Four generals vied for emperor, supported by their armies. »
« Likewise, the emperors, being all generals at this point, constantly travelled with their armies and held court wherever they had to while campaigning. »
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