8 sentences with 'generated'

Example sentences and phrases with the word generated and other words derived from it.

« It is good to know that alcohol and the acetaldehyde generated from it in the organism, in chronic states, damage sexual function, affecting libido and even the production of testosterone, or male hormone; »
« The combination of flourishing trade and high taxes generated enormous wealth for the king and court and, among other things, led to the construction of remarkable works of monumental architecture to decorate their capital. »
« Christian leaders of antiquity came to believe that, in general, magic was dangerous, generated by the devil's meddling, and that the spirits found in nature were almost certainly demons in disguise. »
« One result of the prosperity generated by Italian mercantile success was the emergence of a conspicuous consumer culture. »
« Its Mediterranean empire generated so much wealth that Venice minted more gold coins than England and France combined, and its gold coins (ducats) were always of exactly the same weight and purity and were accepted throughout the Mediterranean as a result. »
« The only Persian industry that generated wealth independently of east-west trade was silk: under Shah Abbas I the state established a royal silk monopoly that produced most of the state's tax revenue, and when that monopoly collapsed due to the incompetence of his descendants the state struggled to stay afloat financially. »
« The Ottoman state was not so dependent on a single source of revenue. It enjoyed highly productive agricultural lands in various parts of the empire's vast territory and also generated substantial tax revenues from the jizya, the tax on non-Muslims (who made up a considerable part of the population). »
« The irony of the wealth generated by the American mines is that it undermined the long-term vitality of the Spanish state itself: Spain did not have to cultivate trade or pursue technological or bureaucratic innovation in the same way as the other European powers because it had a huge surplus of precious metals. »
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