8 sentences with 'generate'

Example sentences and phrases with the word generate and other words derived from it.

« Three years later, the Russian Revolution would generate a new driving force in 20th century history, but Henry Ford had already demonstrated at Highland Park that workers did not need to become the enemies of big business. »
« Nevertheless, by the end of the 15th century, whenever a text could be printed to serve a political purpose or to generate a profit, it almost certainly was. »
« This changed in the early modern period, especially when it became increasingly common for monarchs to sell noble titles to generate money for the state. »
« Mercantilism worked quite well, but trade fitted awkwardly into its paradigm. Trade was not thought to generate new wealth, as it did not directly unearth more silver or gold, nor did it seize the wealth of other countries. Trade did not "make" anything according to the mercantilist perspective. »
« Instead, the vast Spanish empire was relatively fragmented, with regional elites exercising a high degree of local autonomy. Thus, even the enormous wealth that the Spanish empire continued to generate did not translate into an equivalent degree of state or military power for the Spanish monarchy. »
« Be positive. Positive people attract others, while negative people generate rejection. »
« Dr Sciama had brought Stephen Hawking and three other members of a group of Cambridge PhD students to London to talk to Roger Penrose, assistant professor of applied mathematics at Birkbeck College, in the hope that the talk would generate ideas. »
« The widespread use of personal computers (PCs) - with statistics placing them in two out of every three homes in New York - brings with it a certain risk: computer monitors, like televisions, generate an electromagnetic field of up to 50MT. »
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