8 sentences with 'masters'

Example sentences and phrases with the word masters and other words derived from it.

« In ancient Greece, slave masters could legally kill, rape or mutilate slaves if they saw fit. »
« Under the patronage of the Macedonian dynasty, some ancient knowledge was revived, as scholars tried to find ways to make the work of the ancient Greek masters compatible with orthodox Christian teachings. »
« These artists tended to study with Italian masters, and then return to their home countries to do their own work. »
« Also, while members of the nobility believed they were masters of their titles and authority, royal officials were not, as they were dependent on their respective kings. »
« The Safavids were a clan of Sufi (Islamic mystical) peers, masters or spiritual leaders, who were also capable of military and political organisation. »
« Native Americans were called "justly conquered" and were enslaved or conscripted as serfs in the service of Spanish colonial masters. »
« That said, the Nazis were masters at tailoring their messages to the electorate; most of their propaganda was about German pride, unity and the need for social and economic order and prosperity, not hatred of Jews or the need to launch attacks on other European nations. They were offered as a solution to the inefficiency of the Weimar Republic, not as a potential bloodbath. »
« In reality, the conflict was as much about colonialism and imperialism as it was about communism: the essential motivation of the North Vietnamese forces was the desire to achieve true independence from foreign powers. The war itself was a result of the conflict between the Vietnamese and their French colonial masters, which eventually spilled over into the United States. »

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