8 sentences with 'mastery'

Example sentences and phrases with the word mastery and other words derived from it.

« Amazed critics commented that his musical mastery was more admirable than ever. »
« The New Kingdom of Egypt conquered more territory than any previous Egyptian empire. It was able to do so in part because of its mastery of bronze manufacture and the effectiveness of its armies as a result. »
« The Phoenician mastery of navigation and the use of the syllabic alphabet were both benefits for trade. »
« Unlike the sophists' mastery of rhetoric, the aim of Socratic question-and-answer sessions was not to prove that nothing was true, but to force one to arrive at truths through the most rigorous application of human reason. »
« Not surprisingly, the Romans admired and resented the Greeks for the Greek mastery of words. »
« elsewhere in Europe the noble identity was still very much associated with war, whereas the popoli grossi of Italy wanted to show both their mastery of arms and their mastery of thought (along with their good taste). »
« Of his various talents, one of the most important was his mastery of philology: the history of languages. »
« To cite just one example, a French glazier, Jacques-Louis Menetra, left a memoir in which he demonstrated his own mastery of the ideas of the time and even claimed to have chatted with the great Enlightenment philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. »

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