6 sentences with 'master'

Example sentences and phrases with the word master and other words derived from it.

« The master of ceremonies mentioned the name of the bronze medal winner: Aviram Reichert from Israel. »
« Synchronizing its operation was a difficult art to master, but once it was mastered, all sorts of tricks were available, especially the ability to switch directly from forward to reverse, which made it possible to "rock" the car out of a deep pothole. »
« Another great master, Lao Tse, contemporary of Confucius and founder of Taoism, the second Chinese philosophical current, established in his book The Way of Virtues or Tao To King the rules of life to obtain well-being and plenitude. »
« Following in the footsteps of his master, Sutherland discovered that the cranial bones are not fixed and have movement, and he was the first to give a holistic sense to osteopathy. »
« In a letter of 9 February 1615 to his master Galilei, Santorio explains the basis of his doctrine, according to which health is guaranteed by the harmony of the body's humours and by the balance of food intake and elimination. »
« The boy tried to catch his breath, to master his terror, but it felt as if his body had been severed from the waist down. »

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