5 sentences with 'herds'

Example sentences and phrases with the word herds and other words derived from it.

« Ancient humans were hunter-gatherers. They followed herds of animals in hunting and also gathered edible plants. »
« Sometimes, after that, people in the same regions began to domesticate animals, keeping herds of cattle, pigs, sheep and goats in controlled conditions, defending them from predators, and eating them and using their hides. »
« There is much evidence (e.g. in ancient art, archaeological discoveries of ancient settlements, etc.) that Mesopotamia was once a grassland that could support both large herds of animals and abundant crops. »
« Traditional rights to hunt, gather material and migrate with herds were also lost. »
« Horses, first introduced by the Spanish, allowed the Plains Indians to more easily follow and hunt the huge herds of bison. »
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