6 sentences with 'herbs'

Example sentences and phrases with the word herbs and other words derived from it.

« On the other hand, the Hindus maintained that the massage with oil and herbs or abhyanga helped to loosen the excess of doshas. But the best way to relax was the shirodhara: a thread of sesame oil dripping on the forehead and producing a deep sedation. »
« Good nutrition was supplemented with almost magical herbs. »
« About three thousand years before Christ, the Chinese began to discover the properties of herbs and created the richest and most complete pharmacopoeia in the world. »
« It is likely that Ótzi ascended from the valley in the southern part of the mountains in Italy, a hike of five or six hours. They know this because the herbs he used as insulation grew only in that area, and not in the north. »
« The trees, fruits and herbs differ widely from those of Juana. There are many spices and vast mines of gold and other metals on this island. »
« They eschewed British tea, opting instead to make their own teas from local herbs and berries. »
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