Sentences with 'hereafter'

Example sentences and phrases with the word hereafter and other words derived from it.

« Disenchantment in this regard has led many people to turn to black esotericism, seeking answers there that they cannot even find in the "official" religions. Evil promises the prize here on earth and not in the hereafter. The price is the soul or the conscience. »
« Seeing that many of Her Majesty's subjects have already settled in the country and are constantly arriving, and it is desirable for their protection as well as the protection of the natives, to establish a government amongst them. Her Majesty has accordingly been pleased to appoint Mr. William Hobson, a captain in the Royal Navy to be Governor of such parts of New Zealand as may now or hereafter be ceded to Her Majesty and proposes to the chiefs of the Confederation of United Tribes of New Zealand and the other chiefs to agree to the following articles. » - 1998 - 2022