6 sentences with 'characteristics'

Example sentences and phrases with the word characteristics and other words derived from it.

« There are few characteristics more common to human nature than tardiness. Yet it is generally regarded as wrong, requiring an apology or an excuse. »
« The way to salvation was therefore not to know anything about the life of Christ, the characteristics of God, or the names of the apostles, but two things above all else: the sacraments and the relevant saints to pray to. »
« Some of the characteristics that historians often associate with modernity are representative governments, capitalist economies and (relatively, in the case of early modern states) religious toleration. All these things first converged in England in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. »
« It is important to consider David Hume because he embodied one of the characteristics of the Enlightenment that often seems the most surprising from a contemporary perspective, namely the fact that he did not defend the rights, let alone anything like the right to political expression, of ordinary people. »
« Each of these states had certain characteristics: a strong ruling dynasty, a large and powerful army, and relative political stability. »
« It would be enthusiastically taken up by anti-Semites who claimed that Jews were a "race" with inherently destructive characteristics. »
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