7 sentences with 'characters'

Example sentences and phrases with the word characters and other words derived from it.

« And then came the long-awaited moment: a 727 aircraft landed and three characters stepped out of the pages of a book written 42 years earlier. »
« A syllabic alphabet has characters that represent sounds, rather than characters that represent things or concepts. These alphabets are much smaller and less complex than symbolic alphabets. »
« By far the most important thing Abraham did, according to Jewish belief, was to accept the Covenant, the promise made between the God Yahweh (the 'name' of God is derived from the Hebrew characters for the phrase 'I am who I am', God's enigmatic response when the prophet Moses asked for his name) and the Hebrews. »
« The playwrights set their plays in the past or among the gods, but the experiences of the characters in the plays were recognisable critiques of the playwrights' contemporary society. »
« Greek drama, both tragedy and comedy, is of enormous historical importance because even when it used the gods as characters or fate as an explanation for problems, it put human beings front and centre as being responsible for their own mistakes. It depicted human choice as the centrepiece of life in a context of often uncontrollable circumstances. »
« In mathematics: the creation of Arabic numerals, based on Hindu characters, which were much easier to work with than the clumsy Roman equivalents. In turn, the Abbasids invented algebra and trigonometry. »
« Rasputin, definitely one of the most peculiar characters in modern history, was somehow able (perhaps through a kind of hypnotism) to stop Alexei's bleeding, and the Tsarina believed that he had been sent by God to protect the royal family. »
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