6 sentences with 'character'

Example sentences and phrases with the word character and other words derived from it.

« Ford's anti-Semitism always had an impersonal, strangely disinterested character. »
« Teachers spoke highly of her and often mentioned her good character. »
« The ceremony, of a mundane character, was not too mournful. »
« Typically, in a Greek tragedy, the main character is a powerful male leader, a king or a military captain, who enjoys great success in his endeavours until a fatal flaw in his own personality and psyche causes him to do something foolish and self-destructive. »
« In turn, the two most important biographers, Tacitus and Suetonius, detested the actions and character of the Julian emperors, so their accounts are riddled with scandalous anecdotes that may or may not have any basis in historical truth. »
« The central idea of the folk movement was that the essential truths of national character had survived among the common people despite the harmful influence of so-called civilisation. »
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