7 sentences with 'selling'

Example sentences and phrases with the word selling and other words derived from it.

« They found that among those who had been selling for many years, those who thought positively sold 37 percent more insurance than those who thought negatively. And among newly hired reps, the optimistic ones sold 20 percent more. »
« The Vikings were also slavers, capturing Slavic peoples and selling them in the south. »
« By the early 16th century the practice of selling indulgences was completely out of control. »
« Moreover, the costs of the wars were so high that his government desperately sought new sources of revenue, selling off titles of nobility and bureaucratic offices, instituting yet more taxes and further trampling the peasants. »
« The Dutch served as middlemen in European trade, shipping and selling such things as timber from Russia, textiles from England, and wine from Germany, and also increasingly as bankers in Europe. »
« Soon, enterprising merchants began buying and selling bulbs with no intention of planting them or even selling them to someone who would plant them, but simply trading them as a valuable commodity for themselves. »
« In October, in one fell swoop, the Assembly seized church lands and property, selling them at auction to finance the Revolutionary state itself. Finally, in the early 1790s, it abolished titles of nobility altogether, which was almost redundant since those titles no longer had legal privileges attached to them. »

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