6 sentences with 'sell'

Example sentences and phrases with the word sell and other words derived from it.

« Javier had traveled extensively to sell his family's sherry, and had established useful relationships. »
« Jeanna, 24, had been out of work for three weeks and didn't know how she was going to pay her rent, but decided she couldn't sell the jewelry until she had given her landlord enough time to reclaim it. »
« Later Popes succumbed to the temptation to sell indulgences to raise revenue, especially as Renaissance-era Popes built up their own secular power and patronised the art and architecture associated with the Vatican. »
« This changed in the early modern period, especially when it became increasingly common for monarchs to sell noble titles to generate money for the state. »
« Many peasant families who had once owned small plots of their own had to sell them to wealthy nobles and became landless agricultural labourers, one step removed from the truly destitute who fled to the cities in search of work or church charity. »
« The net effect was, in general, that the class of workers who had "nothing to sell but their labour", the proletariat, grew. »

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