5 sentences with 'sells'

Example sentences and phrases with the word sells and other words derived from it.

« The Argyle mine sells almost all the rough stones through its Antwerp representative, but reserves the best for carving in its Perth workshop, which is my next stop. »
« The people who sell the paper, many of them journalists, wait in the city. Occasionally, Dizdarevic himself sells it on street corners. »
« A supermarket with turnstiles and cash registers sells honey "from the bees of Montserrat", chocolates and four local liqueurs. There are also three restaurants on the Montserrat site and several bars. »
« Every day, this resourceful entrepreneur makes and sells leaf arrangements outside a shopping mall. »
« Moreover, if to err is human, any history of error will be a history of man and any history of man will be a history of error. This seems a very sceptical conclusion, but rather than disbelief, it is intended to encourage a certain caution against any science that sells itself as absolute and any charlatan that sells himself as wise. »
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