5 sentences with 'favours'

Example sentences and phrases with the word favours and other words derived from it.

« A diet that favours products high in sugars and starch, rich in carbohydrates, will inevitably produce obese individuals. »
« However, it was not only nobles who participated in the dizzying web of trade in favours, gossip and bribes at Versailles. »
« Politically, Eastern European governments were so corrupt that it was basically meaningless to distinguish between normal 'politics' and 'corruption' - every political decision was governed by personal networks of corrupt politicians who traded political favours and controlled access to creature comforts (such as the coveted dachas - holiday homes - in the USSR). »
« Man has once again set his sights on the moon, from which he hopes to obtain its favours (in the form of energy), just as he hoped to do in ancient times. »
« The socialisation processes that take place in primary groups, such as the family, are crucial elements in understanding the existence or not of a political culture that favours the permanence of a democratic regime. »
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