6 sentences with 'favourable'

Example sentences and phrases with the word favourable and other words derived from it.

« During the early years of his rule, Napoleon presented himself to his subjects as a reformer and a leader who, while protecting France's borders, had ended the war with the other European powers and imposed peace agreements with the Austrians and the British that were favourable to France. »
« Thus, by June 1940, there were no great powers left to oppose Germany but Britain (the United States, although much more favourable to Britain than to Germany, remained neutral). »
« -Boy, what is much more difficult, and much more important, is to learn to forget reviews that are favourable. »
« These specialist bees choose midday as the most favourable time to make propolis, during spring and summer. This is probably to take advantage of the warmth of that time of day and to avoid hardening during production. »
« Palaeolithic society was made up of family groups which, according to climatic conditions, formed more or less numerous hordes or bands. Of course, the best developed social life, with the largest population, occurred where the climate was favourable and hunting methods were accurate. »
« Even so, spiders are not a cause of death, except in favourable conditions, i.e. in people in very poor health. »

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