6 sentences with 'favour'

Example sentences and phrases with the word favour and other words derived from it.

« It was a good starting point for Freud, who gradually came to favour the study of unconscious psychic processes with the help of verbalised free association. »
« Much later, a Nubian king, Piankhy, returned the favour by conquering Egypt? He claimed to be restoring a purer form of Egyptian rule than had survived in Egypt itself! »
« Cyrus II established his authority on two principles: descent from other great kings and the favour of the gods. »
« The plebeians were concerned that judicial decisions should always favour the patricians, who had a monopoly on judicial proceedings, so they insisted that laws be written and made available to the public. »
« The Courtier focused on what it took to win the prince's favour and influence him, not just avoid embarrassment at court. This was linked to the growing sense of what it was to be 'civilised' - Italians of the time were known throughout Europe for their refinement, the quality of their dress and jewellery, their wit in conversation and their good taste. »
« For example, the Valois king, Henry II, ignored affairs of state in favour of hunting and was killed in a tournament (during a tournament, a splinter from a broken lance went through the crack in his helmet, impaling his eye - he died two weeks later from the subsequent infection), and other members of the dynasty were little more effective. »
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