10 sentences with 'historians'

Example sentences and phrases with the word historians and other words derived from it.

« Some historians claim that Tai Chi Chuan (Chinese for shadow boxing) originated about four thousand years ago, and that its creators tried to bring together the necessary exercises to improve and harmonise the physical, mental and spiritual state of the population. »
« Less imaginative but more realistic, historians and archaeologists - who, it should be noted, have never found any evidence of the existence of this legendary continent - have serious doubts. »
« The truth is that geographers, archaeologists and historians cannot agree on the existence of the legendary continent of Atlantis. »
« Leading scholars in the United States, especially historians, concluded that the best way to defend the elements of civilisation with which they most identified, including certain concepts of rationality and political equality, was to describe all of human existence as a rise from primitive savagery to enlightenment, a rise that may not have begun strictly speaking in Europe, but which had its greatest success there. »
« That first generation of historians of Western civilisation succeeded in crafting what would become the core of history curricula for most of the 20th century in American colleges and universities, not to mention high schools. »
« For the sake of clarity and manageability, historians distinguish between different areas of historical study: political, intellectual, military, cultural, artistic, social, and so on. »
« The Uruk economy was what historians call "redistributive", in which a central authority has the right to control all economic activity, essentially taxing it and then redistributing it as that authority sees fit. »
« Some historians have argued that one of the main causes of the collapse of royal authority was the rise in power of the nobility: in other words, royal authority did not collapse first and lead to elites taking more power, the elites took power and thus weakened royal authority. »
« For a long time, historians thought they were built by slaves, but it now seems very likely that they were built by free labourers employed by the king and paid by royal agents. »
« The New Kingdom of Egypt survived the invasion of the 'Sea Peoples', some of whom historians say settled in Canaan (they are remembered in the Hebrew Bible as the Philistines against whom the early Hebrews fought), but the state was greatly weakened in the process. »

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