6 sentences with 'historic'

Example sentences and phrases with the word historic and other words derived from it.

« Henry Ford's historic first ride came to a humiliating halt at about 2 a.m., when the quad broke down in front of the Cadillac Hotel and a group of revelers came out to taunt Henry and Jim Bishop. »
« But on July 13, a Chicago dentist made the historic first purchase of a Model A. This was the beginning of an avalanche. »
« Likewise, the People's Republic of China supported the Viet Minh, but did so in direct competition with the USSR (following a historic break between the two countries in 1956). »
« Raw clay statuettes are considered to be the oldest works of art of the historic age. »
« Over the years, the building was demolished and only the deliberation hall was preserved. In the 20th century, the historic House was rebuilt, and today it is visited by all the tourists who visit the city of Tucum├ín. »
« This historic moment in 1492 unleashed new rivalries between European powers as they struggled to create colonies in the New World, fuelled by the quest for wealth and power as well as religious passions. The result was almost continuous warfare. »

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