9 sentences with 'history'

Example sentences and phrases with the word history and other words derived from it.

« -At that time there was no history of successful radiation therapy for these tumors," Dr. Epstein explained. We might have destroyed the tumor, but we would have destroyed the little girl's brain as well. »
« The prince finally recovered and the physician went down in history as the resuscitator. Many, many years later, Huan Tuo, was the first to apply mafeisan, an orally administered traditional Chinese medicine for acupuncture anesthesia in abdominal operations. »
« The history of civilisation shows how man has lived much of his existence in defiance of natural laws. »
« De Victu is the first food self-help book in recorded history. »
« Ten years later, South African surgeon Christian Barnard performed the first heart transplant in history. »
« The history of medicine is nothing other than the long chronicle of that constant battle that men and women have fought throughout the ages to keep mankind healthy. A worthy, noble war, the only one, moreover, that takes place above political and religious ideas. »
« Throughout history, countless diets have been tried and tested, and they have all come to the same conclusion; »
« It is possible to imagine some chapters of this vast history of mankind. »
« What better way to teach literacy, history and research methods? »

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