6 sentences with 'though'

Example sentences and phrases with the word though and other words derived from it.

« -Let's see what you can do with him," he said. I wouldn't expect much, though. »
« Echolocation is a business with customers far more powerful than the blind. And to this day, even though the cold war is over, they remain mute. »
« Kings had replaced priests as rulers around 3000 BCE, though in all cases kings were closely linked to the power of the priesthood. »
« The Old Kingdom was stable and powerful, though its kings did not use that power to expand their borders beyond Egypt itself. »
« While almost all other eastern Mediterranean civilisations were land-based empires, though they traded and travelled by waterways, the Greek civilisations were closely tied to the sea itself. »
« Aristotle's work was so influential that philosophers continued to believe in the essential validity of his findings well into the Renaissance period (thousands of years later), even though many of his scientific conclusions turned out to be factually inaccurate. »

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