10 sentences with 'thousands'

Example sentences and phrases with the word thousands and other words derived from it.

« To these beliefs are added hundreds of thousands in every corner of the planet. They were all branded as absurd when materialistic science was developing rapidly. »
« At that time, the Vietnam War had made anti-Americanism the prevailing political creed among thousands of young Europeans. »
« Thus, humans have existed all over the world for many thousands of years. Human civilisation, however, has not. »
« This way of life functioned fundamentally for hundreds of thousands of years - it was the basis of life for the same people who populated the world as described above. »
« This was simply not the case: compared to the hundreds of thousands of years that preceded the discovery of agriculture, things moved "quickly", but from a modern perspective, things took a long time to change. »
« The Babylonians burned Jerusalem, along with Solomon's Temple, to the ground, and enslaved tens of thousands of Jews. »
« These reforms were completed when the Neo-Babylonians conquered Judah in 586 BCE and enslaved tens of thousands of Hebrews. The impact of this event was enormous, because it led to the belief that Yahweh could not be tied to one place. »
« In Babylon itself, the thousands of Hebrews in exile not only came to this idea, but developed the strict set of religious customs, of marriage laws and ceremonies, of dietary laws (i.e., keeping a kosher diet), and the duty of all Hebrew men to study the holy books, all in order to preserve their identity. »
« In 415 BC Athens suffered a disaster when a young general persuaded the Athenians to send thousands of troops against the city of Syracuse (a Spartan ally) in southern Sicily, hundreds of miles from Greece itself, in the hope of sacking it. »
« More common was the practice of taking slaves in war, and one of the effects of Greek victories in the Persian War was that thousands of Persian captives were taken as slaves. »

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