8 sentences with 'thoughts'

Example sentences and phrases with the word thoughts and other words derived from it.

« Pay close attention to your thoughts when something bad happens. »
« Keep track of events - were you right or wrong in your first thoughts? "If your thoughts are holding you back, change them," suggests Dr. Hollon. »
« Women have learned to feel through the mind; to be stimulated by thoughts, images and allusions, while men are aroused mainly by sight and touch. »
« Reason is the mental faculty that takes sensory data and arranges it into thoughts and ideas. »
« James Joyce's novel, "Ulysses" (incredibly difficult to read), described a single unremarkable day in the life of a man in Dublin, Ireland, focusing on the wide range of thoughts, emotions and reactions passing through the man's consciousness, rather than the events of the day itself. »
« According to Freud, the thoughts and feelings that we experience and can control are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Most thoughts and feelings are buried in the unconscious. »
« I suspect that many of us, if we were left alone with our thoughts and feelings, would discover that we are not very good company for ourselves. »
« Share a secret. To get to know your partner's innermost thoughts better, confide some of your own. »

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