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Example sentences and phrases with the word text and other words derived from it.

« Around 400 BC, a text, De Victu (On the Way of Life), by an anonymous author, began to circulate, in which the effects of certain foods and drinks were analysed in detail. »
« This text projects a broader geographical vision than traditional textbooks of Western Civilisation, focusing in many cases on the pivotal historical role of the Middle East, not just Europe. »
« Once the prophet Ezra compiled the Torah as a single sacred text, one of the official duties of the Jewish community's scholarly leaders, the rabbis, was to carefully recopy it, character by character, ensuring that it remained the same no matter where Jews went. »
« The inherent problem facing believers in any religion based on a single major text is to figure out what that text fundamentally means. »
« The printing press moved text production in Europe away from the "scribal" tradition, in which educated people copied important texts by hand, towards a system of mass production. »
« The printing press works by covering a three-dimensional impression of an image or text with ink, and then pressing that ink onto paper. »
« Nevertheless, by the end of the 15th century, whenever a text could be printed to serve a political purpose or to generate a profit, it almost certainly was. »
« Theorists such as Roland Barthes and Jacques Derrida (both French) argued that the author's intention in writing was meaningless, because the text was completely separated from the author at the moment of writing. They also both worked to demonstrate that texts themselves were nothing more or less than elaborate word games, with any implied 'meaning' simply an illusion in the mind of a reader. »

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