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« It was against the backdrop of this descent into what Europeans and Americans often called "barbarism" - the old antithesis of the "true" civilisation that began with the Greeks - that the history of Western civilisation first emerged as a textbook subject and, soon, as a mainstay of university curricula. »
« This textbook follows the contours of the basic Western Civilisation narrative described above in terms of chronology and, to some extent, geography because it was written to be compatible with most Western Civilisation courses as they exist today. »
« Therefore, this textbook attempts to present a balanced account of the major developments in the West over the last 10,000 years or so. »
« This is important to keep in mind, because when considering ancient history (in this case, in a short chapter of a textbook), it may seem that it all happened rather quickly, that people discovered agriculture and were soon building massive cities and developing advanced technology. »
« Euclid's work on geometry, The Elements, was still used as the standard textbook in many mathematics courses well into the 20th century, thousands of years after its composition. »
« Based on an ancient term for the Persian people, the Sassanids identified their empire as Iranshahr, land of the Iranians, and from this point on it is appropriate to refer to Persia as Iran (however, this textbook will continue to use the term "Persia" for clarity). »
« While this textbook has traced the development of the other great powers, it has not considered the case of Russia to this point. This is simply because there was no unified state called "Russia" before the late 15th century. »
« Once his preceptor asked him to solve some physics problems from a textbook, but he did not bother to do so. When asked why, he spent 20 minutes pointing out the errors in the book. »

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