8 sentences with 'texts'

Example sentences and phrases with the word texts and other words derived from it.

« In China, the most complete texts on massage were compiled by the Sui in the 6th century AD, and teach how to work on acupuncture points. »
« These funerary texts were known as Pert em hru, which various translations later rendered as The Coming of the Day or The Manifestation of Light. »
« These texts are clearly based on an oral tradition. »
« There are Hindu, Muslim, Chinese and Japanese Buddhist and Mesoamerican texts. All of these have equivalents in the West. »
« I don't doubt that she learned a few things from her intern teacher, about texts in the humanities, texts on which, by the way, I was no authority. »
« There was also the constant threat of what surviving texts call "bandits", which in this context means the same as "barbarians". »
« Sometime after 660 BC, King Ashurbanipal ordered the compilation of all the texts of his entire kingdom, including those of the conquered lands, and went on to create a huge library to house them. »
« Together, these three religions are known as the "Religions of the Book" in Islam, because they share a set of beliefs first written down in the Hebrew sacred texts and they all worship the same God. »

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