6 sentences with 'scientists'

Example sentences and phrases with the word scientists and other words derived from it.

« Inspired by the school of medical therapies created by Bach, scientists from different latitudes did their own research. »
« To solve this serious problem, scientists have been studying for many years how to create an artificial heart for transplantation. »
« Over time, scientists have proven that beyond those celestial effluvia, the benefits of thermal baths on the body depend on the depth of the source, its temperature (generally exceeding 20°C) and its composition (it may contain sodium, potassium, lithium, calcium, iron and magnesium among other minerals and salts). »
« Hunters are after the last of the species and scientists are fighting to stop them and, at the same time, to create effective methods of reproduction. »
« Charles Berlitz, Erich Von Daniken and many other scientists - and pseudo-scientists - have approached the subject from various angles, often with science fiction overtones, and have downplayed the credibility of the subject, but one wonders why this legend has survived in the collective consciousness for so many years. »
« This figure began to alarm scientists, since during the whole of the last decade, the number of litres of crude oil spilled did not exceed 128 million. »

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