7 sentences with 'scientist'

Example sentences and phrases with the word scientist and other words derived from it.

« The scientist had discovered that what allopathy had hitherto regarded as symptoms of disease were in fact manifestations of the body's resistance to the ailment that afflicted it. »
« Ukrainian scientist Catalina Hagemeister is convinced of the existence of a large island in the Atlantic, which would be submerged today, and has an almost irrefutable theory about it. »
« "Mrs. Kelly, that mad scientist," Bob, her husband, also a teacher, had nicknamed her. »
« It was not until 1752 that the American statesman, scientist and writer Benjamin Franklin, who was to invent the lightning rod some time later, demonstrated that it was an electrical discharge; for this he devised his celebrated experiment of flying a kite in the midst of an electrical storm. »
« The earliest known Greek scientist was Thales of Miletus (i.e., Thales, and his students, who were also important scientific thinkers, were from the polis of Miletus in Ionia), who during the Archaic era set out to understand natural forces without recourse to references to the gods. »
« After Anaximander, a third scientist, Anaximenes, created the theory of the four elements that he believed comprised all things: earth, air, fire and water. »
« Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519): Da Vinci was famous in his time as one of the greatest painters of his day and as what we would now call a scientist. »

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