9 sentences with 'beliefs'

Example sentences and phrases with the word beliefs and other words derived from it.

« The roots of Ford's beliefs went back to his childhood on the farm, to populist suspicions against financiers and middlemen, and represented at the time the common, desidious way of thinking of various social classes. »
« This had this logic: according to their beliefs, the pores connected to the viscera were opened to receive the moisture from the brain and this made the bad humours disappear. »
« In African beliefs, the concept of a multiple soul appears. At death, one of its parts would go to the other world; the other would remain close to the physical relics. »
« These beliefs still abound today on the west coast of Africa and in the Suan, south of the Sahara and also in the Congo. »
« To these beliefs are added hundreds of thousands in every corner of the planet. They were all branded as absurd when materialistic science was developing rapidly. »
« What came later were the first early empires which, through a combination of governance techniques, beliefs and technology, were able to grow much larger and more powerful. »
« In terms of the spiritual beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, these traditions most often focused on the identity and role of the king in relation to the gods. »
« The Egyptians had a colourful and memorable set of religious beliefs, which dominated the lives of the kings, who claimed to be not only reflections or servants of the gods, but the gods themselves on earth. »
« Thus, their conquests were justified by their religious beliefs, as well as by a direct desire for dominance. »
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