7 sentences with 'believing'

Example sentences and phrases with the word believing and other words derived from it.

« He continues, "Between this and believing they know it all, there's only one step." »
« Hence, many of them, believing that oral contraceptives cause weight gain, still see them as a threat to their silhouette. »
« In a sense, the Romans prided themselves on believing that their ancient heritage involved being literally raised by wolves. »
« Germany, believing that its own military and industrial resources were such that it would be the victor in a war against France and Russia, vowed to stand by Austria no matter what. »
« No one was completely sure that a war would actually happen (the German Kaiser, Wilhelm II, went on summer holiday as planned right in the middle of the crisis, believing there would be no war), but if it did happen, each of the great powers was confident that they would be victorious in the end. »
« Most critically, the members of the Duma (Russian representative assembly) refused to sue for peace with Germany, believing that Russia still had to honour its commitment to the war despite the carnage inflicted on Russian soldiers at the front. »
« While Hitler had absolutely no intention of honouring the pact in the long run, Soviet Premier Josef Stalin did, believing both that Germany was not strong enough to threaten Soviet territory and that the future war (which he accepted as inevitable) would be a dispute between capitalist nations that did not involve his own resolutely communist state. »

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