9 sentences with 'believed'

Example sentences and phrases with the word believed and other words derived from it.

« As a neurosurgeon myself, I honestly believed I could save my patient's life. I always believe that; otherwise, the hope I give parents would be false, and there would be no point to what I do. »
« I believed the child was going to be fine, but I couldn't say for sure until he had a neurological exam. »
« How many magi are believed to have come from the East to worship the baby Jesus? »
« Emerson also believed that God resides in the soul of every man ... and that heroes who had the good fortune to be "organized for victory" had a duty to help lesser mortals who had not yet discovered how to fully apply their potential. »
« They believed that union organizers were sinister manipulators misleading the honest, ordinary working people of America: and, indeed, such was Henry Ford's belief. "In reality, they are nothing but tools in the hands of the chief exploiters," he once declared. »
« Beyond what man always believed himself to be, the Hindus discovered a world that exceeds thoughts, emotions, proteins, cells and organs, made up of invisible vibrations - energy spectra - that at some point may take physical form. »
« Like the Chinese, the Indian sages believed in the similarity between the macrocosm and the microcosm that is man. Five energies - earth, water, air, fire and space - nourished and marked the rhythms of the body. »
« The so-called Templar sleep, or ethylic state, was once believed to correct certain physical or spiritual pain, even at the cost of poisoning that would lead to other ailments. »
« The Greeks also believed in the healing and purifying power of water, so they installed baths in their houses that were quite complete for the time. They also worshipped the natural way of life by dedicating several temples to Aesculapius, the god of medicine, where people could cleanse themselves of all evil and regain their health. »

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