6 sentences with 'fervent'

Example sentences and phrases with the word fervent and other words derived from it.

« There was a fervent adherence to temperance, Prohibition and women's rights. »
« Justinian is remembered for being an incredibly fervent Christian, an important military leader, the patron of some of the most beautiful and enduring Byzantine architecture in existence, and the husband of probably the most powerful empress in the history of the empire, a former actress and courtesan named Theodora. »
« One of the effects of this new approach was the numerous outbreaks of anti-Semitic violence in Europe; many Crusaders attacked Jewish communities in Europe as the Crusaders made their way to the Holy Land, and many kings and lords enacted anti-Semitic laws inspired by the new fervent and intolerant brand of Christian identity that emerged from the Crusades. »
« Spencer was a fervent advocate of free market economics and also contributed to the process of defining human races in biological, rather than cultural or historical terms. »
« Images like the girl burned during the Vietnam War helped inspire fervent anti-war sentiments in the United States and Europe. »
« Is it just a coincidence that the war against ethical standards in art, music, television and film goes hand in hand with increasingly destructive behaviour on the part of young people, the most fervent consumers of these media? »

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